How to Plan Outfits for a Music Festival

As I now only have a few days left until Firefly Music Festival 2017 I have started planning my outfits.  While you’re camping at a music festival it can be extremely difficult to keep everything organized.  Furthermore, planning these outfits ahead of the festival takes time and you may not know what accessories to bring.  You may forget what goes with what, especially when you’re looking forward to having fun and don’t want to spend forever getting ready.  Two of my favorite things to do are plan and organize though.  This is how I chose to plan and organize my outfits for the festival.

The Method to the Madness

What Goes Into Planning

As you can see, I put the outfits on a hanger.  I decided what jewelry I wanted to go with each outfit and placed that on the hanger as well.  If you have any original packaging for your jewelry it’s super helpful to keep everything together.  It also prevents tangles.  These pictures don’t have to be pretty, they are just a reminder of what goes together.  I put them in my notes app and added anything missing from the picture in a checklist below.  This helps me remember how I want to style them.  It also serves as a great packing list.

When I go to pack my clothing I will make sure to keep everything organized and together.  In this bag will be any beauty products as well, that way when I go to get ready everything is in one place.  I will have a separate bag for the other things I need to bring.  It’s the best way I have learned to prepare myself for festivals and trips like these.

Let me know in the comments below what your tips are for deciding outfits and packing for music festivals.

– Claire

Twitter Make Up Trends

I spend way too much time on Twitter admiring the looks of every single talented person sharing their make up.  Yet I think it’s amazing that we don’t have to look to magazines anymore for beauty inspiration.  I loved that when I was younger, but now I can get make up inspiration without going out of my way to find sources.  I’ve seen a lot of these types of looks on twitter lately:

This is the half cut-crease (if that’s what they decided the name to be). Morgan, featured here, actually started this trend herself.

I have seen so many looks with colorful liner placed overtop eyeshadow in the crease. I think it looks beautiful and really stands out!

I love seeing other art forms, or even every day items, inspire new looks. Ciera is one of my favorite make up artists on Twitter and she took inspiration from one of my favorite Paramore albums, Brand New Eyes.


What trends have you seen lately that you absolutely love?  Let me know in the comments below.


– Claire

Weird Fashion

After thousands of years with clothing in existence it can be hard to come up with new ideas for fashion.  Although some of these items manage to be something new.  I think the “knee window” jeans are certainly an interesting concept.  These pocketless jeans and shorts keep popping up all over my tumblr.  I think it’s really interesting and might not look bad if done tastefully.  What do you guys think?

Found on Tumblr.
Found on Tumblr.
Priced at $95, click the picture to buy.
Priced at $100

– Claire

Music Festival Beauty Tips

Everyone in my life knows how excited I get for Firefly Music Festival every year.  It’s easily the best weekend of the year for me and I love every single second I’m there.  Unfortunately camping with thousands of others and spending all day walking and dancing makes it difficult to stay hygienic, let alone all dolled up.  I have some tips I learned from my first year that I want to share with you guys!

  1. Chafing.  It’s a huge problem for everyone at a festival.  Going from set to set means a lot of walking, and you don’t want to spend the entire weekend in pain.  I have found that using a regular stick deodorant with Lush’s dusting powder, Silky Underwear, helps a lot.  The powder provides the first barrier and eventually melts throughout the day.  Once that barrier is gone you still have the second barrier of the stick deodorant which does the job for the rest of the day!

    Buy it for $9.95 by clicking on the picture.
  2. Another huge problem is showering.  Sometimes you are charged money to shower at the camp ground.  You also have the option to bring shower bags and/or a shower tent.  While those definitely work you may not have the money to spend on this.  Baby wipes and water bottles are a huge help when it comes to this.  The baby wipes remove sweat and dirt and the water bottle can help rinse your hair.  This lets you be clean on a budget.
  3. Sweating is unavoidable with long days in the sun.  It’s going to happen, but I have found the best way to minimize it is with translucent powder.  I put a lot on my face last year and it helped me out so much! Although I made the mistake of using a silicone based powder.  DO NOT USE A SILICONE BASED POWDER! You will look like a patchy ghost.
    This is what you will look like with flash.

    Instead I recommend RCMA No Color Powder ($12) or N.Y.C. Translucent Powder $3.  I would apply it with a large fluffy brush all over the face until you feel like your skin is soft, smooth, and most importantly dry.

  4. As for make up, I suggest sticking to what you’re comfortable with.  I would do a “no make-up” make-up look every day.  I would apply liquid eyeliner, black mascara, and fill in my brows.  I knew I didn’t have enough room to pack all of my make up and it would end up being a hot mess by the end of the day.

    This is how I did my make-up every day during the festival.
  5. Another good reason not to go crazy with make up is that you will be needing to reapply sunscreen all day long! Sun burn is not fun and makes you dehydrated and tired.  That could make you miss your favorite set! Which you obviously do not want.  Make sure to apply your favorite sunscreen and keep up with reapplying throughout the day.
  6. I do recommend bringing something just in case you do get sunburned.  I like to spray Mario Badescu’s Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater Spray ($8) all over my face and skin when I am sunburned, or even just too warm.  The aloe is soothing on my skin and this small bottle lasts a long time.
  7. Lastly, drink water like it’s your job.  It has so many benefits, but in relation to beauty your skin will glow, stay moisturized, and help repair your cells from any sun damage.


– Claire

How to Get Beauty Products for FREE!

Influenster is an online website and mobile app that allows you to connect your social media accounts and in turn you receive products to review.  The purpose of connecting your social media accounts is to see how many people “follow” you and how much of a reach you have.  It is not very hard to reach a high enough number and my impact score is 4287 at the time I am writing this.  That is considered high reach and was done from connecting my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and inviting two of my friends.  You can only invite up to 20 friends to improve your score, at 5 points each, which would be worth 100 points total of your impact score.  The purpose of this is to see how many people you can reach when earning badges, or promoting the products.

When you receive your free box of products, you are receiving complementary products for reviewing purposes.  You often get a mixture of sample and full sizes within the box.  You also get a mixture of low end and high end products from my experience.  When you earn a badge it is often done through following the social media accounts of the brands in the box, sharing pictures of you using the product on social media, and reviewing the products online.  In my opinion, it can get kind of annoying to share these things constantly, but they often give you a 1 month – 6 weeks to earn your badges.  If you do not earn all of your badges, they often give you a survey about the box after your time is up to gather your thoughts.  They do say if you don’t complete this survey that you will not be receiving anymore boxes from them.  After the first box I did not complete the survey, and it took me about 2 months to receive another box.  So if you are interested in this I do say complete the survey, but if you don’t have time to once it may not be a big deal.

This can be a time-consuming experience, but if you have time to spare it can be worth it.  It’s also perfect for when you are on a budget and still want to indulge in beauty products.  As a very broke college student these boxes have really helped me out when I feel like I really want to buy something new but can’t afford to.  I feel like it’s a small payoff to temporarily blow up my social media for free items.

If you are interested in using this website you can sign up here.  You also can check out my unboxing and review videos below to see what I have received.

– Claire
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What Does It Take to be a Fashion Student?

Found here: and here:

My entire life I always loved clothes.  When I was 5 years old I begged my mom to let me pick my own clothes for kindergarten when we went back to school shopping.  Every time somebody asked me what I wanted to do when I was older I would bounce between things like being a cheerleader, being a princess, or fashion design.  Every time I chose a new career path I would always end up going back to fashion.  I drew outfits constantly and always thought about what it would be like to design a successful line.  I wanted to become a brand that everyone loved.

While I was obsessed with fashion, I was equally obsessed with business.  I always came up with new business ideas, new ways to make money, and new ways to get my name out there.  I never acted upon most of the ideas because I had so many.  I remember starting a lemonade stand on my street and saw that my friend was selling hers for 10 cents a cup.  I competitively priced mine at 5 cents and made sure my display looked nicer and that my lemonade was of a better quality.  I was so excited to make a few dollars and it was addicting to feel success.

When I was 16 I ended up coming up with this amazing business plan.  As often as I fell in love with boys, I always used heartbreak to my advantage.  I “fell in love” with this boy from my hometown that I hadn’t lived in for a few years and of course when I moved back home things fell through.  Around the same time things fell through I came up with this amazing business plan, which I wanted to name after him to win him back.  Five years later I have held on to this business plan and his name will have nothing to do with it, but it was one of the first times that I realized I do not need to stick to societal stereotypes to be who I am and get what I want.

Now I am a rising senior in a Fashion Merchandising program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  I chose my major because I plan on executing my business plan, which is of course a retail store.  I would tell you more about it, but several ideas I have for it have never been done before.  Eventually the world will see what I have planned.  Although the business plan isn’t really the point right now.

When describing my major to most, they say something like “Show me your designs!” and I try not to scream back that fashion design is only a small part of the industry.  I like to explain it as the business side of fashion, or literally everything in fashion that isn’t design.  You can follow this career path to be a buyer, stylist, journalist, and so much more.  If you look more into it you realize that there are so many paths to take.

One of the other stereotypes is how competitive and cutthroat this industry is.  I have experienced two different universities with this major.  At Philadelphia University it was a bit more cutthroat than IUP.  If I had gone to New York City for school I imagine I would be even more overwhelmed with how competitive it is.  Yet in my experience you will find people that shares your interests and do not judge you because you are not like them.  You will find that there are the girls that dress up for class every single day, the girls that judge everyone as they walk in the room, the girls that are more artsy and daydream during class, the girls that are all about comfort, and everyone in between.  You also do find straight men in your classes, but it is a female dominated major.

Some professors have worked at glamorous companies, I had one who was a floor manager for the men’s floor at Bergdorf Goodman’s.  Some professors may have never set foot in a fashion building, but teach subjects that are adjacent to the curriculum.  They all have a wealth of information to share with you and you never know what you will be able to apply in your future job. They are also the people that you should be working with, because one day they may be able to help you get an internship or even a job once you graduate.

While I do not have full experience in the industry besides working as a sales associate in the mall, I do feel like there are some things you need to do to be prepared.  It isn’t exactly required to get an internship depending on where you go to school, but if you do not get one with this major you will find it to be much more difficult to get your dream job.  It also really helps if you do study abroad.  That is one opportunity I missed out on.  I have noticed that people who have studied abroad find it much easier to get an internship, especially if they aren’t studying at a school in New York City.

The other important thing I must say is if you do not enjoy these classes the major may not be for you.  Most everyone who is in this major shows up to their fashion related classes every day and pays attention to the professor.  I am a bit more eager than most in my classes because I love it so much, and I tend to go above and beyond for most projects.  I find that most of my peers do this as well, and the people who end up not going to class do not do well.  It is one thing to not enjoy your English class, but if you don’t enjoy your fashion class you will most likely not enjoy the career that follows.

Lastly, you must not give up.  Do not think you can’t do this because you are not the stereotype.  Do not think that because someone can afford better clothes than you that you aren’t cut out for this.  Do not believe the judgement coming from some others.  Do make sure to join your major related clubs, or start one if your school doesn’t have one.  Do make sure to voice your opinion when necessary and feel free to start a discussion based on your beliefs related to fashion.  Do realize that you are the future and you will have the ability to shape the industry.  Listen to your peers and use that feedback to better yourself, better your career, and better society.  Make sure that you follow your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back.

– Claire

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