How to Get Beauty Products for FREE!

Influenster is an online website and mobile app that allows you to connect your social media accounts and in turn you receive products to review.  The purpose of connecting your social media accounts is to see how many people “follow” you and how much of a reach you have.  It is not very hard to reach a high enough number and my impact score is 4287 at the time I am writing this.  That is considered high reach and was done from connecting my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and inviting two of my friends.  You can only invite up to 20 friends to improve your score, at 5 points each, which would be worth 100 points total of your impact score.  The purpose of this is to see how many people you can reach when earning badges, or promoting the products.

When you receive your free box of products, you are receiving complementary products for reviewing purposes.  You often get a mixture of sample and full sizes within the box.  You also get a mixture of low end and high end products from my experience.  When you earn a badge it is often done through following the social media accounts of the brands in the box, sharing pictures of you using the product on social media, and reviewing the products online.  In my opinion, it can get kind of annoying to share these things constantly, but they often give you a 1 month – 6 weeks to earn your badges.  If you do not earn all of your badges, they often give you a survey about the box after your time is up to gather your thoughts.  They do say if you don’t complete this survey that you will not be receiving anymore boxes from them.  After the first box I did not complete the survey, and it took me about 2 months to receive another box.  So if you are interested in this I do say complete the survey, but if you don’t have time to once it may not be a big deal.

This can be a time-consuming experience, but if you have time to spare it can be worth it.  It’s also perfect for when you are on a budget and still want to indulge in beauty products.  As a very broke college student these boxes have really helped me out when I feel like I really want to buy something new but can’t afford to.  I feel like it’s a small payoff to temporarily blow up my social media for free items.

If you are interested in using this website you can sign up here.  You also can check out my unboxing and review videos below to see what I have received.

– Claire
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