Twitter Make Up Trends

I spend way too much time on Twitter admiring the looks of every single talented person sharing their make up.  Yet I think it’s amazing that we don’t have to look to magazines anymore for beauty inspiration.  I loved that when I was younger, but now I can get make up inspiration without going out of my way to find sources.  I’ve seen a lot of these types of looks on twitter lately:

This is the half cut-crease (if that’s what they decided the name to be). Morgan, featured here, actually started this trend herself.

I have seen so many looks with colorful liner placed overtop eyeshadow in the crease. I think it looks beautiful and really stands out!

I love seeing other art forms, or even every day items, inspire new looks. Ciera is one of my favorite make up artists on Twitter and she took inspiration from one of my favorite Paramore albums, Brand New Eyes.


What trends have you seen lately that you absolutely love?  Let me know in the comments below.


– Claire